Internet Marketing Advice

Good Internet Marketing skills are desperately needed for survival on today’s marketplace!

As we all know internet marketing has many different categories and sub categories and most of them a normal local business don’t even have to. That’s our job here at The Extreme Marketing, so you can concentrate to do what you know and leave the marketing part for us.

Internet Marketing is a ever evolving idea, that new things for to make it faster and better pop out almost weekly now.

We have selected to learn right kind of knowledge that we believe can seriously help our local small businesses.

The Essential part of Local Internet Marketing includes:

-          Optimized website and its content

-          Social Marketing Tactics

-          Video Marketing Tactics

-          Local Internet Marketing Tactics

-          Search Engine Optimization with right keywords

-          Know your competition analysis

-          Business map, where are we now- and where do we want to go.

Just to name a few here..

Most small business owners have already started their online presence with some mostly basic website that doesn’t have the right tools to interact with possible customers who visit their site. When you’re looking it from a different perspective, especially from the marketing point of view, there’s some things we can help our clients enormously for a short period of time.

But it’s like any bigger thing, it takes time to achieve its full potential so we always recommend for our customers at least 3-6 months of commitment so we can show you what we can do for a long run.

Google Organic Local Search

It is a completely free form of advertising and any marketing company knows that getting your own website listed on 1st page of Google on any keyword term means directly more customers to them. that 1st page of Google will take almost 90% of those visitors who are searching for that keyword. So if your site is not locally on the 1st page of search engines, you’re losing a LOT of business. But don’t worry; we can help you get there!

Contact us today, so we can see if there’s a match, on what you’re looking for to achieve and what we can do for your business.