Mobile Marketing is a great way for a local business’ to keep in touch with their loyal clientele, by sending them a promotional messages with great value directly to their cell phones. We at the The Extreme Marketing offer for  our clients a service to do just that, market your message directly to your customer any given time of the month. We also have a optional mobile website service what goes really well with direct mobile marketing. These two services together will offer your business an enourmous benefits compare to your competitors in your local markets. Take a moment to read how mobile marketing can help your local retail store.

Mobile Marketing for Local Retail Stores

Local Retail Store owners rely on a loyal clientele, one that provides steady, recurring business and keeps coming back as often as possible.  Building customer loyalty is dependent on a variety of several store factors; location, hours of operation, advertising, quality products and great customer service, and good pricing

Mobile Marketing is an ideal tool to add for a retailer’s marketing tactics, because it can provide a direct and usually immediate response to a business’ gross sales.

When businesses have a mobile marketing program in place, they are, in fact, inviting their clients to establish a more social one-on-one relationship with them, with the expectation that, upon joining the retailers Mobile Marketing program, then they will receive exclusive value and special incentives that drives them to continue, and usually INCREASE their business with that local retailer.

What is the real benefits of using Mobile Marketing for Local Retail Stores?

Mobile marketing programs with text messaging are designed to increase the purchase frequency of a business’ existing and loyal customers, where local business is typically offering coupons or other specials to increase purchases.

It should not be forgotten, however, that customers loyalty is not only based on the offer of lower price or some other special incentive. A Local Business should also use its mobile marketing channel to send other valuable information to its mobile marketing program subscribers.

For example, an automotive service company could send out tips to maintain your vehicle or oil change reminders, a business could conduct a satisfaction survey via mobile marketing, product recalls or other similar activities can be sent out also with mobile marketing.

As a Local Business owner you should put yourself in the place of your customer and other consumers and ask yourself what you would want from your local business?

Whatever kind of business, always remember that the people who subscribed to your mobile marketing program have given you marketing channel something of great value, their personal cell phone number.

We cant encourage this enough, we Don’t abuse that marketing channel and we’ll always do what’s best for your customers. Point is to Provide value in return, and you’ll see the amazing results with this marketing avenue.

If you’re a retailer who want’s to start a mobile marketing program for your business, the steps are very simple:

  • Sign-up on our Mobile Marketing Service
  • Together we create a marketing plan for your business (what, how ofter, etc.)
  • We advertise your mobile marketing campaign through with multiple ways (signs in-store, your website and other social marketing channels, business cards, etc)
  • We send out agreed promotions for your subscribers
  • We measure and track results
  • We make adjustment on the go if needed

Our promise to you is simple, we will help and advise you at every step of the way to make sure that your mobile marketing program provides the optimum value and results for your local business. If you’re ready to start your mobile marketing program you can call us: 925-954 9595 or use our contact us form.

Click  here for Mobile Marketing simplified video presentation