SEO stands about Search Engine Optimization like most of people know and SEM is about Search Engine Marketing and it’s basicly like a popularity contest between your site vs. others in the same keywords. Best optimized and most popular website wins and gets the #1 spot on all searches made for that keyword.

SEO starts with onsite optimization, and then after that we can concentrate on building your website more “popular” on the internet.

There’s many different things you can and have to do with your website before you concentrate your efforts to offsite optimization.

And our job is also to analyze how well your current website sells/markets your products/services? Because it’s critical that site where all that new traffic is coming to, will make best effort to capture some visitor data. We’ve a few tricks on our sleeves that has worked well our past clients and projects and we’ll offer our new clients a chance to take advantage of those as well..

We’ll do a full website and competitor analysis prior to starting a new project with our clients. Ask for a free consultation about our SEO&SEM services and options. Just fill your info to the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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